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School Rumble Ni Gakki (1-26 complete) October 1, 2006

Posted by ayasawada in Anime.

Anime DB – School Rumbe Ni Gakki

In short: Otoko no ko wa onna no ko no koto itsumo oikaketeru….

Thoughts: The second season of School Rumble was more of the same, but not as good. The laughs just weren’t as forthcoming as they were in the first season. Perhaps it’s just that the freshness element is gone, or maybe there were too many new characters with not enough development. Or maybe I’m getting sick of the Harima-Tenma-Karasuma love triangle and just want Hige to wake up and smell the Sawachika/Yakumo action! Nevertheless, I did enjoy Ni Gakki immensely. It tugs just about enough on the hearstrings to keep you watching, but the bizarreness of the plotlines is a little hit and miss. Basketball arc- hit. Imadori visiting Ichijo to play ‘power rangers’ – hit. Nishimoto giving away his AV collection – big hit. Random cruise-ship episode – a bit of a miss (apart from Hanai’s ‘mysterious island experience’). I’ve also come to realise how annoying Tenma really is. I used to really feel for the idiotic girl, but now I just think she’s an idiot. A few of the first season’s minor characters really came into their own this year though, and my strongest memory of the series is Lala-chan and “ICHIJO”! The steotype is a little bit racist, but what the hey. School Rumble also continues to benefit from its good animation an dstrong OP and ED themes. I didn’t think I’d ever get used to Sentimental Generation but I love the song to bits now (but maybe because Ami Tokito is a hot girl in glasses…). It looks like there will definitely be a School Rumble San Gakki and with a much shorter wait this time. Roll on Scuramburu!


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