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Lost Season 2 October 1, 2006

Posted by ayasawada in TV.

Channel 4 – Lost

In short: Others? What others?

Thoughts: What a crock. I’m still heavily addicted to Lost and the season finale certainly made me impatient enough to download the third season when it hits the states. What’s with the four-toed statue? Are the Others really the good guys? What the hell is the hatch power source? And how the hell does Desmond’s lover know to look for an electromagnetic shockwave? There’s certainly enough bad science to keep Ben Goldacre amused for weeks and the plot seems to revolve in never ending circles. But despite being knowingly manipulated by JJ Abrahms and the writers, I love it. Though I still don’t understand why they stopped living in the caves and moved back to the beach. The main characters’ stories were reasonably well expanded, Locke’s backstory continues to twist over and over and the revelation of Hurley’s mental problem adds more depth to the comic relief character. We finally found out what Kate did and Sawyer continues to be the most interesting character on the island. But I could do without more angst-ridden Jack stories – a shame he’s the main character. The tail-section group were a decent enough addition, but have tellingly been wiped out before the season was up. A case of Michelle Rodriguez’s paycheck too big? I enjoyed Mr Eko though – a good foil for man of faith Locke, despite Eko being another man of faith. You can’t beat a big black man with religious issues. Claire continues to annoy me as a whiny cow – Charlie come to your senses! And I continue to think that Yun-Jin Kim is the hottest girl on TV. If she ever leaves the show, I think I may stop watching.



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