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Joshi Kousei Girls High Ep 1-12 (complete) August 6, 2006

Posted by ayasawada in Anime.

I finished watching Joshi Kousei Sunday night. I actually really liked it. A lot of people gave up after the first few eps, mostly because of the excessive fan-service. To be fair, they toned down the fan-service after the first few eps and got into a little more ‘serious’ storylines. Well, as serious as you can get in a comedy anime about six high-school girls enjoying high-school. Besides, I don’t think the fan-service was that bad – particularly compared to your average harem anime like Love Hina or Maburaho. Not that I would complain about fan service anyway….

For what it’s worth, Joshi Kousei was never anything other than frivolous, crude humoured and fun. That’s what I really enjoyed. Totally stupid, lots of fun. A bit like a American Pie, without the excessively gross bits and just shy of the gratuitous nudity. Animation was a bit plain, but the character designs were great. And yes, I loved the OP and ED themes (esp. ‘Incl.’ by Meg Rock, even though she can’t sing). You know me, good theme songs=good anime.


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