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U-turn July 3, 2006

Posted by ayasawada in Sport.

So, now it seems Cristiano wants to stay. Hmm. Perhaps I’m too cynical about this, but might it have something to do with his Real Madrid candidate losing the presidential election?

I’m glad Wayne and Cristiano have cleared the air publically at least. But no-one’s naive enough to believe there’s no bad feelings. At least it’s been cleared up that Wayne’s red card was for the Carvalho stamp (and completely justified, even if it was unintentional). But it’ll be intriguing to find out exactly what gamesmanship went on between our two star players in that World Cup game. I also can’t wait to see what Fergie does about it. We’ll just have to see how things pan-out in pre-season. In the meantime, Ronaldo makes an easy scapegoat for the idiot English fans and media.

On a more level note, The Red Issue sums up the stupidity of the witch hunt (amongst others, here and here), applauds The Guardian‘s Daniel Taylor for having some perspective (I love the Guardian, even if it is full of Gooners) and makes a very good point:

England: The Man City of international football.

Forever harping on about their all too brief ’60s heyday and promising that “this is our year”. When it fails to be so, all they can do is blame the ref, the weather, the opposition, and ultimately something to do with Manchester United.



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