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Interviews! Jobs! Argh! June 22, 2006

Posted by ayasawada in Personal.

The one drawback of doing this MSc is having to eventually rejoin the job market. I absolutely hate it., mostly because I hate having myself put on trial – essentially what the interview process is. I hate going through Want Ads, I hate spending days on applications and speculative letters – only to get no reply. I really hate being judged at interview.

It’s the end of term tomorrow and things aren’t boding well with my work placement. I had an interview with Nature, the biggest science journal in the world last week. I was a little intimidated, but still reasonably confident. It went okay, but I felt I should have prepared more. Dave and Kerri also got called for interview, which didn’t bode well – both of them are strong candidates, with Kerri in particular an amazing writer with lots of ideas.

Well, both of them got six week internships but I didn’t cut the mustard. Oh well. I also found out today that New Scientist haven’t shortlisted me, which is a bit of a kick when I’m down.

But nevermind, chin up, “their loss,” as our placement supervisor Gareth told me. I’m hoping I can sort something out with this developing countries website SciDev.net which I’d quite like to work for.

In other news, I went to Finchley Central for an interview with a Biomedical publishing company. Editorial Trainee, sounds like a really nice place even if the location is a bit out of the way. Pay’s not too great, but I’m beginning to realise I’ll be lucky to start on a salary similar to what I had at Nuffield. Definitely not breaking the 20 grand barrier in the next year, I don’t think. I also have an interview with Research Fortnight coming up, for a Junior Reporter role. Quite low-paid, but based out of Old Street and could be a good spring-board. Lots of ex-scicommers (including the Guardian’s Alok Jha) have followed this route, so its a good path to take.

In the meantime, am still averaging about 2-3 job applications a week, so fingers crossed one of them will work out for September.



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