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Ibichu RIP April 23, 2006

Posted by ayasawada in Personal.

Our pet hamster, Ibichu, just died. She was already pretty old and suffering from cataracts, so it wasn’t a complete surprise. Still, it was a bit of a shock. Ibichu, named after a slightly ecchi anime character, was a good pet. ‘Mouse’ or ‘Rat’, as I semi-affectionately called her, was a curious creature. She used to place her food in her running wheel and run endlessly, perhaps in an effort to clean it or out of some obsessive-ompulsive habit. I never did work that one out. I’ll miss her impressions of a pipe-cleaner, running through the connecting tubes of her cage, and what I called her ‘spider-rat’ act – acrobatics, hanging from the top of the cage and swinging army-style across. She also spend a lot of time knawing on the cage entrance, perhaps as a teething ritual but probably to fashion an escape route, WW2-style. However, she was a smart creature so I thought she would have figured out that that didn’t work after the 200th try. But when she was let out, she was always a bit cautious, suspicious of the opportunity and then spending the whole time in her running ball crashing into things and getting stuck in the same corners of the house. She will be sorely missed.

To be honest I never agreed with the idea of my sister having a pet. Kindness requires a lot of time spent caring and playing with the animal and our household is far too busy to bestow enough. I always felt sorry for her living in a cage and pushed to give her a larger and larger cage through eBay purchases. I hope she was comfortable in her final months. We buried her in the back-garden before nightfall. True to form, my Dad wasted no time clearing away the cage, which was rather insensitive. Death, no matter how much we accept it, is always a shock.



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