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National Treasure (2004) April 19, 2006

Posted by ayasawada in Film.

I really hoped this would be a stupid, but fun ride. This was just stupid. What I wanted was a wise-cracking, family-friendly, all-action blockbuster in the Indiana Jones mould. Things looked promising with Nic Cage in the lead and a Da Vinci Code-style conspiracy plot but a tepid plot stops this from being anything more enjoyable. The travel (Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York) is just not widespread enough for a treasure hunt either. Plus, the rather forced ‘educational content’ gets in the way. It sounds like a good idea, a hero who spouts American history in order to solve the clues and find the treasure. But how much does one really remember in-between the explosions? Perhaps sometime, somewhere a kid will indeed pass his midterm because of a small fact he learnt from National Treasure. Then again, one has to wonder how accurate ‘facts’ are in a film where the British are once again evil (a Hollywood myth that is, it seems, based in history after all) and the heroine’s German accent is explained by a line simply stating, “I am American”.



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