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ROD the TV (1-26 complete) April 10, 2006

Posted by ayasawada in Anime.


I really loved the ROD OAV. Great animation, great soundtrack, epic story and the wonderfully weird premise of a heroine who can manipulate paper. It was a lot more original than anything, anime or otherwise, I’d ever seen. The characters were surprisingly well-defined and who could resist a story that makes the British Library the centre of the action? I was definitely looking forward to seeing the TV series at long last.


It didn’t disappoint. ROD the TV seems to start out with a completely different premise. The paper masters this time are three sisters from Hong Kong: Michelle, Maggie and Anita. They’re charged with protecting Japanese writer Nenene Sumiregawa , who seems to have a connection to our old heroine Yomiko Readman. The first episode wastes no time getting you straight into the action, but after that the pace slows for seven or so episodes. This was a bit frustrating, but the action and plot picked up toward the middle of the series. From there, things ran at full-speed right ’till the finish, propelled somewhat by the reappearance of the OAV cast and the divulgence of a shocking twist linked to the OAV. Characterisation is certainly important to the ROD franchise, so perhaps this explains the build-up episodes. But it’s a brave decision to keep the audience hanging at the beginning of a series. Nevertheless, the overall story doesn’t disappoint, revealing conspiracy after conspiracy and turning the OAV’s plotline right on its head. I certainly never expected heroes to turn villain, though there’s always a fine line between good and evil in a decent series. I was a tad disappointed by the ending, but finished pretty satisfied as I’d really enjoyed watching these characters and their adventures.

The same outstanding animation, soundtrack and character designs are present in the series as in the OAV. I still can’t get enough of the whole ‘paper user’ idea either. It allows for some imaginative action sequences and makes an undeniably cool story. Read or die? Watch or miss out.



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