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Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Guardian podcasts April 5, 2006

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Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Guardian podcasts

Praise be, The Guardian has at last got its own series of podcasts, including daily news, weekly media talk and, yes, science.

What makes the Guardian Science podcast different from other similar programmes is the fact that it’s presented by the paper’s science journalists themselves. Anchored by our favourite ex-IC student, Alok Jha, it’s pretty informal stuff compared to the package driven nature of the New Scientist or Nature podcasts. On the downside, it might take a while for them to hit their stride, with production values on the first episode a little low. At times it sounds exactly like it is: a group of colleagues in a small room huddled round some recording equipment, playing clips straight off their dictaphones and turning the pages of their notes. Unsurprisingly, many of the journalists sound a little nervous in ‘live broadcast’ and some of Jha’s lines sound as scripted as they are. But on the plus side, a lot of the informal banter is clearly genuine and you get the impression that these guys really enjoy their job, get on well together, know their stuff and honestly do find science interesting on a human level. The range of stories was also nice to see, with animal experimentation, science-inspired plays and the James Martin Institute conference on human enchancement (which I attended) mixing in with the pure science news.

Overall, I was surprised how much I enjoyed this, considering how I struggle to stay awake with other science podcasts. With time, this can only get better. Though admittedly it is The Guardian so I’m a little biased.



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