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Two down, two to go March 29, 2006

Posted by ayasawada in Personal.

Easter holidays and the first thing I did was go back to Uni. I volunteered to help with this year’s interviews, which felt really weird. I was glad to help and certainly liked talking to people before their interviews (I know I appreciated having a current student on-hand last year). Still, meeting the ‘next-gen’ makes it even harder to ignore how fast this year is going. It’s a cliche, but the busier you are, the faster it goes and (usually) the more fun you’re having. As Letitia said to me at the interviews, none of us want to go!

But we’re already two semesters down with really only one to go. There’s two big exams right at the start of next term, then we’re into the practical options (print and multimedia for me, seeing as I dream of writing for Guardian Unlimited). We’ll all see even less of each other then, as we narrow down further to what each of us wishes to do. Luckily most people picked one of my two options, but I’ll still miss the five or so people I’ll hardly see (Liz, Becky, Meera et al). It’s gonna be a short term though, only a month and a half with most of Imperial disappearing 2/3 of the way through for exams. There’s our final issue of I,Science to put through (which will qualify us for the Guardian Student Media awards – £1000 prize for the editor of Best magazine!). And we’ll have our work experience and dissertations to sort out for the summer. That’ll be weird, spending three months ‘working’ on the job and researching alone. Boo-hoo, and just when we were all getting to know each other.

Yep, the nostalgia’s coming on already and I’m not even finished yet. It’s been a good term. Started off relaxed then came-on mad-cap and busy at the end. I took one unit in the first half of term (Narrative, which allowed me to write an essay analysing my favourite Haruki Murakami short story) and two in the second, which probably wasn’t wise. Science and Display was all about museums and exhibitions (interesting, since we talked about collecting and the reasons behind it). Science and Fiction involved a lot of reading! But it did remind me of English A-level days, reading good plays and 19th century fiction. The exams going to be damn hard though…. I also sat-in on Ethics and Policy modules. Must be the Bioethics left in me.

We had an eight week group project, where we all had to make a piece of conceptual art. Marielle, Helen Richens and I made some fantastic masks representing different philosophers of science. We even did our presentation in the form of a Greek drama! I was very pleased. We had performance masks, programmes, atmospheric music and chorus chanting. Of course, everything went on schedule as I’d…ahem.. drawn up a production schedule in the first week. Heck, I can’t draw so what else could I contribute? Last week we had a full day of presentations with everyone showing off some fantastic stuff. I’ll try and put some photos on Flickr. But I remember Phil’s group adapted Jenga to represent different bits of the scientific process. Dominique, Kerri and Lilian made the Game of Life into the Game of Scientific Life. Meera, Liz and Becky made a truly outstanding box based around that old poem about the old men and the elephant. Dave, Nonuk and Alex did some semiotic photos where a kitchen slowly became a lab. Amber, Alice and Viviane made a quilt, each patch made from a different person’s perception of science. Kath, Suzy and Laura M adapted a bunch of road signs. Duncan, Letitia and Laura made a complex sphere of knowledge that I didn’t fully understand. The ‘fit group’ (Helen T, Francesca and, ah, Russian Ely) made a really fantasic mobius strip, representing the cycle of knowledge. And finally, Johannes and Jenny created an election campaign around the concept of ‘Philosophy minister’;websites, newspapers, badges (free stuff! Yay!) and all. I was really impressed, we had a great time and then drank lots of free wine back in SciCom later. Four hours later, most of us were still there and then I dragged a group of them to karaoke.

I,Science made it without a single all-nighter (though never without stress). The latest issue should be available for download shortly. Heck, I even wrote a few articles this time round.

It’s been really… crazy this term. But nothing like the first term, and probably nothing like the next. Post-xmas I did my usual, get-your-head-down-and-socialise-less thing, but I’m glad I still saw a few people. You get the impression I like everyone on the course, but again, I never really get that close to people. Kind of wish I’d spent a bit more time consolidating some friendships, but oh well. You can’t get to know everyone and expect to know everyone well. Ok, holidays: clear the inbox, catch-up and, oh yeah, do some revision.



1. Aya_s - March 29, 2006

Yikes! And I was going to make use of my newly-found sub-editing skills to avoid the ‘outpouring of memories’ post. Oh well.

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