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From the World Forum March 16, 2006

Posted by ayasawada in Personal.

Just a quick one. I’m on a four-day assignment at the Said Business School in Oxford, attending the James Martin Institute conference on Tomorrow’s People: The challenges of technologies for life extension and enhancement. Four of us from the SciCom course signed on as reporters for the in-house newsletter. It’s great journalistic experience but incredibly tiring! In at 7:45am for a meeting, before proceedings start at 8:45. Reporting at various sessions throughout the day, followed by frantic writing-up at every free moment. Sub-editing, layout and discussion from 6pm until late and finally wrap-up production and distribution by 11pm. I’m ready to collapse at that point, but it’s incredible the adrenaline rush that gets you through the day. Thankfully the discussions are all extremely interesting. I won’t go into it here (there’s simply too much), but check out the conference website and, indeed, my editorial in the latest issue of I,Science (out this week).

Will be working through until Friday night. Then it’s back to London with an essay and a group project to finish by Monday (!!). Project presentation on Tuesday and then maybe I can finally relax a bit.

EDIT: All of our newsletters are available to download in pdf form from the conference website. Follow the link above.



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