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OSCAR.com – 78th Annual Academy Awards – Nominee List February 2, 2006

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OSCAR.com – 78th Annual Academy Awards – Nominee List

The nominations are in and it’s time to get excited about nothing in particular again. It’s time to get speculating about instincts and opinions on a bunch of films I haven’t seen yet. Thoughts:

-Am firmly in the Ang Lee camp for this one. I’ll be flabbergasted if he doesn’t get Best Director, but strangely not surprised if he were to lose out to Clooney. Same for the Best Picture category.
– Am over the moon for Michelle Williams (that’s the Dawson’s Creek fanboy in me), but it’s clearly going to be Rachel Weisz, though I can’t believe this is the same girl who was in The Mummy.
– Pleasantly surprised by Terence Howard’s nomination but the head says Phoenix or Hoffman.
– Similarly I’m pleased for Matt Dillon and rooting for Jake Gyllenhaal, but it’s probably going to be Paul Giamatti. Equally worthy but probably given it to make up for the slight of Sideways.
– Best actress (and shoe-in for vomit-inducing speech of the ceremony) has to be Reese. Whilst I liked Keira Knightley and Judi Dench’s performances I’m a little surprised at the nominations.
Wallace and Grommit dead certs for the animation oscar, in a field consisting of a measely three contenders.
– Competition for the screenplay Oscars looks fierce.

Am looking forward to traditional outcry of injustice as the judges get it wrong again.



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