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Ethical issues February 1, 2006

Posted by ayasawada in Uncategorized.

I was talking to Vik the other day and mentioned three DVDs he borrowed two years ago (!). I asked about getting my copy of Infernal Affairs back and he said it was in a drawer in his office. How so? He’d leant it to a friend at work. Now, I have no problem with people borrowing stuff for long periods of time. It vexes me every now and again, but I believe it’s part and parcel of good friendship. The second part, however, raises an interesting ethical dilemma. Lending stuff that isn’t yours – what do you think? In my mind it’s a no-no. You can trust your friends, but you can’t vouch for theirs.

EDIT: In case, you read this Vik, don’t worry I’m not that mad!



1. Vik - February 14, 2006

Actually if the truth be known…your copy of Infernal Affairs is with my boss…he asked to borrow it and in a true “lending him the DVD may get me a promotion” moment, I let him borrow the DVD.

That was about 10 months ago now though. I really should think about getting it back from him…

He’s also got Chen’s copy of Hero. Except that’s been stuck in his DVD player and has been there for the past 8 months.

You mad yet? :)

2. Aya_s - February 14, 2006


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