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Gong Hei Fat Choi! January 29, 2006

Posted by ayasawada in Personal.

It’s Chinese New Year, so welcome, welcome to the the year of the dog. I’ve had a really wonderful New Year’s weekend. Nothing particularly spectacular, just the usual big dinner party with the usual crowd of family friends. We stirred the noodles for good luck and stuffed ourselves with food and drink. I received plenty of Ang-pow’s which will fund me over the next two months (thank goodness). We played board games and watched the traditional crap-movie-viewed-over-the-noise-with-the-subtitles-on (Just Like Heaven, which was terrible). I caught up with all those friends who I hardly get to see these days, what with careers and weddings getting in the way of youth. At midnight, we drank the strange concoction whose name I can never remember. But it has fungus (!), nuts, Loongan and Quail’s egg in it. It will bring you luck in the new year, so they said. I took no chances.

I really, really enjoyed this year’s celebrations. The tradition, seeing old friends, it seemed to mean a lot more to me this time. And I fell like I finally have some closure to the old year. Perhaps it’s because I feel like I missed out on Christmas.

Happy New Year. May the it bring prosperity and happiness to us all.



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