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The Myth (2005) December 19, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Film.

Oh dear Jackie Chan. Stupid is as stupid does and your movies get stupider the older you get. Sure, I love action as much as the next guy but one struggles to comprehend what this is about. Something about an Indiana Jones style archeologist and a past life and look Jackie’s suddenly tomb raiding in India. He meets random characters who never appear again and the whole thing is intercut with flashbacks to leftovers from some failed historical epic. Why else would they be dressed like Roman gladiators in China? Maybe it’s to do with the standard “evil” scientists. Is it the China influence when “practical application” = capitalist evil? But perhaps I’m missing the point. Perhaps it’s all a clever send-up that intentionally rips off a dozen films and knowingly tortures you with a flute score. Sorry Jackie, I just don’t buy it.



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