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Winter sickness December 7, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Personal.

I hate being ill. Being ill most definitely sucks. Especially when it’s bloody cold outside.

You know when you’re really under pressure and you think “wouldn’t it be great to pull a sickie? Then I could sit around all day and watch DVDs”. Well it most definitely isn’t like that. For one thing, my body is extremely uncooperative and insists on going on until every last bit of work is over and done with. Only when it’s time to relax and celebrate do I get sick. Fabulous.

I have an appalling cough which means that for the last two days I can’t even sleep because I keep bloody coughing. And I most definitely don’t feel focused enough to watch any DVDs, read or do anything vaguely useful (apologies if this post comes out a mangled bit of waffle too). So all I can do is lie around and think about all the great things I’m missing this week. Monday: forced to leave my own magazine’s wrap party early because I felt ill, Tuesday: missed wine, mince pies and fun with all my coursemates at the celebratory screening of ‘Foot and Mouth’ episode 1, Wednesday: missed more mince pies and general fun at the filming of ‘Foot and Mouth’ Xmas special (I was supposed to be on camera). Moreover, missed Rie Fu playing live at J-Pop Go – the one time J-Pop Go actually has something decent and one of the few times a J-Pop singer is actually playing in England. Agh!

On the plus side, I’ve rediscovered the radio. I don’t know any of the current chart music, but it does make me feel vaguely connected to the outside world. Ho hum. Hope to be better by the weekend. Plenty of Xmas parties to go to and I hate missing out on stuff.



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