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All the President’s Men (1976) November 6, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Film.

What a great movie. Having had the DVD on my shelf for the last two years, my recent forays into journalism had finally slipping the disc into the player. I can’t believe it took me so long. As the credits rolled my first thoughts were how incredibly gripping those two hours were. It’s rare that a film engrosses me so much that I don’t look at the counter at least once.

This was such a good old fashioned journalism told as a good old-fashioned detective story, the type of narrative which, I’ve just read, make for great documentaries. Of course this is a dramatic reconstruction, but I got so caught up I soon forgot that was Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford on screen. And wasn’t Dustin great in this? Not to mention the rapport between the two when they finally got stuck in to their investigation.

The other thing that struck me was just how much of an influence Watergate and the old 70s paranoia films like this and Coppola’s The Conversation had. Puts the likes of The X-files in a whole new like if, like me, you’d never seen this film beforehand. You just can’t beat the tension, the uncertainty, the desperate fumbling for pieces of the puzzle. And it’s really nice to finally know what the whole Watergate scandal was really about. Stepping out of ignorance is bliss.



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