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Busy, but happy November 5, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Personal.

I’m starting to agree that, yes, this year really is going to fly by. It’s a tad unbelievable that we’re into November already, though the proof of a truly busy time is that this last month feels like six.

If you thought I seemed pretty overwhelmed (to put it mildly) last time, you’d have been right. All this stuff definitely accentuates my happy-unhappy cycle of moods. But as many of you well know, I tend to be happiest when I have something real to worry about (instead of problems I make up on my own….). The good news is I am starting to get a handle on things. There’s a vague sense of routine and a general plan, though still plenty of rushing about like a stockbroker on acid. What can I say? Being busy makes me feel important!

Courses are going well. I’m really enjoying the Film Narrative lectures, though it keeps adding more movies to my rather large ‘to watch’ list. Double Indemnity and The Apartment are the latest. Thankfully there is a Billy Wilder season on at the NFT this month so maybe I’ll catch a few then. Anyway, this week we discussed German expressionism, surrealism and film noir. Lectures where we can talk about Chinatown, Humphrey Bogart and Raymond Chandler are what I used to dream about!

Our Core Practical module involves plenty of messing about in the TV studio, which is really cool. The first time we had to do a 10min version of Question Time. I ended up in the David Dimbleby role of Chair, which was probably quite suited to me as a facilitator. I definitely don’t like seeing or hearing myself on TV though. A career as a TV presenter most certainly does not beckon. Last week we had to pitch ideas for ‘science based TV programmes’. My group had a bit of trouble thinking up ideas, but we managed to come up with a ‘science of cooking’ show at the last minute. Amazingly, we got the most votes (probably due to an embarrassing amount of enthusiam on my part). We’ll be filming the damn thing on Monday and this time I’ll be behind the scenes as director. Not sure if that’ll be any easier…..

I’ve actually been doing quite a bit of TV stuff. Greg and Francesca’s entertainment show for STOIC (the Imperial TV station) is up and running. I’ve volunteered to do a bit of camera work. Minimal responsibility and a good way to get a feel for how TV production works (and something to add to the CV). I should really sit in on some editing sessions too. Elsewhere, I’ve volunteered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain to help film some of their events and I should be helping out with an a webcast at Imperial in December.

Remember that first assignment to turn textbook into prose or poetry? I got a pass. I’m a little disappointed because I always want the best, but the mark was entirely justified. My play didn’t flow quite as well as I’d hoped: too much emphasis on dialogue and lacking dramatic movement for a play. 10 people got distinctions and their stuff was outstanding, particularly the poems. On a positive note, I did get a good reception for a ‘scientist’s confession of fraud’ letter. That took just 20mins to write and just goes to show the difference inspiration can make.

Big news! Imperial has its very own science magazine and I’ve managed to snag myself the position of editor-in-chief! I,Science started in Spring of this year but was already nominated as magazine of the year for the Guardian Student Media Awards (didn’t win though). It comes out once a term, which is usually managable. However, this term the deadline is pretty tight due to the shortness of the Winter term. It’s gonna be pretty hectic this month. I have to admit, I do like the power of the editor’s position. Thankfully, most of it is just organising and delegating. I’ve appointed a pretty decent team of section editors and a number of writers so all I have to worry about is the design and layout, pictures and the goddamn advertising (I have an advertising manager for that too, but I’m well aware it’s not the easiest job in the world). Anyway, it’s pretty exciting. I’m just looking forward to the holidays when I can take a breather and look back and see what it is that we’ve actually done!

Other random stuff: My football team’s going to pot but I’m not going to sit here and moan about Man United. Met Junko Mizuno at a book signing and thanked her for the interview, which should be printed sometime soon. I never remember my camera for these things, so I have a picture on my new phone (now I just have to figure out how to email it….). I went to the House of Lords courtesy of Nuffield for a parliamentary briefing, which was pretty cool – even though the body search was a little intrusive. When I haven’t been thinking about coursework I’ve been worrying about the Japanese proficiency test I foolishly signed up for. Just three weeks to go and a bunch of the EIC lot have formed a regular study group which is very helpful. I wouldn’t study otherwise! It hasn’t all been work though. The London Film Festival’s been and gone for another year. Nothing to match the Wong Kar-Wai/Sideways/Garden State experience of last year but Nimer and I did see Claire Danes at the screening of Shopgirl. She’s pretty tall. Yet she’ll always be Angela to me….



1. izumi - November 21, 2005

I dunno what your course involves exactly but something tells me you’re doing a VERY interesting and creative course at Imperial!

*envies* XD

Anyway glad to see you enjoying it.. you seem awfully busy lately but if busy means productive, then surely that’s a good thing ^_^

Hopefully I’ll see you at a showing soon ;_;

2. Aya_s - December 1, 2005

Thanks Izumi! It’s science communication so lots of arty media stuff with a bit of philosophy! It’s cool but busy… as I hear you are too. Good luck with it all and see you soon.–>

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