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Serenity (2005) October 18, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Film.

I admit, I still haven’t seen Firefly. But after this I sure want to. Most definitely the best sci-fi film of the past few years, though really it’s more of a western in space. Joss Whedon’s dialogue translates wonderfully to the big-screen, yet the criticism levelled at the film is that he is a verty dialogue-centric writer – more suited to TV than the movies. I’m not so sure. Great dialogue makes great entertainment however you look at it. But I think Mr Whedon benefits greatly from the narrowing gap between TV and movie production values. The action scenes are no worse than any Star Trek movie and the characters are a hell of a lot better. Most impressive is the total enjoyment and understanding one can get from it with no prior knowledge of the doomed Firefly TV show. Yet I can totally see how Firefly fans would also be on the edge of their seats, seeing the characters they know and love in the finale they’d all wished for. I got attached enough from just two hours. Goodness knows how you feel with a 13 episode investment behind you.



1. k-li - December 11, 2005

I had already seen the series, so obviously enjoyed it immensly…. except for the killing off of my fave character! That was sad T_T (I won’t say who here incase someone ready who doesn’t want a spoiler….)

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