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First week October 9, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Personal.

Having just about got through Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday stepped things up a bit. We were in early both days for more introductions and housekeeping, this time on adapting to a ‘humanities’ style of teaching i.e. coping with reams of reading, discussion and lots of free time… I mean, self-study as opposed to 35 hours a week of science lectures and labs. I really hadn’t thought about it too much, but it certainly appeals a lot more than three hours of lectures on molecule PX2Y1.

We had a few induction exercises to get us in the mood: group analysis of Ben Goldacre’s article in the Guardian and discussions on the role of a presenter in Science programmes. We were even given overnight (!) reading to do on humanities teaching methods and discussed them all the next day. It was all very stimulating. The whole point about humanities is that it is about opinion and ideas, not concrete facts. This makes for a rather uncertain method of learning, at least from a Science point-of-view, but I like it. I did a bit of this in my History of Science unit in my final year and it rather reminds me of A-level English – I feel like I can make it up to some extent, though of course based on prior reading and evidence. Freedom of expression is what I’ve sorely missed.

On Wednesday afternoon we were let loose on the Kensington museums and told to do some compare and contrast exercises on a couple of the exhibitions at the Science Museum and V&A. A field trip on the second day? I think I love this course. Even better, we discovered that IC students get free entry to the IMAX at the Science Museum. We went to see the Walk on the Moon documentary. Purely for research purposes of course.

We also got our timetables and it seems I’m only due in on Mondays (10-6pm) and Tuesdays (2-4pm). That sounds fantastic, but looking at the humongous reading list we were also given I really do have to start making use of the library every day. I’m absolutely certain I can’t concentrate properly at home with the internet and my DVDs lying around. Besides, we’re getting our first assignment on Tuesday, so the work starts early on.

Socially, everyone still seems very nice. The SMP (Science Media Production) group certainly have an easier time of it, with just 15 of them bonding down the pub on the first night. The 40 of us in SciCom might take a bit more of an effort. I tried to move around as much as possible over the few days, at least making first name contact with most people (in one ear and out the other…..). Lunchtimes were good for a chat and the SciCom department threw a drinks and nibbles party on Thursday, which meant free wine after we’d already been in the Union for a couple of hours…. Typical students. After the party, we went back to Union and discovered a salsa night and then ended up in an overpriced, but swanky, Kensington bar. I figured I should ‘network’ whilst I have the chance, especially seeing as I volunteered for the student committee.

Everything still feels a bit up in the air: lots of work imminent, but nothing I can do about it until Monday; lots of nice people, but still the early stages of friendship. I’m looking forward to getting down to it next week. But it was a good induction week, laying the foundations for a solid year I think. And of course, it’s all about your opinion.


1. Anonymous - December 1, 2005


Hope you are enjoying IC ^_^


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