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Gundam SEED Destiny Ep50 (complete) October 2, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Anime.

So after 50 tortuous weeks Destiny finally comes to an end – and it was indeed the very epitome of disappointment. A lot has already been written about the series and pretty much everything I want to say has already been well articulated by the Random Curiosity blog. It is indeed a series that can only be understood by SEED fans, but the irony is that they would be most frustrated since it is a complete re-hash of the SEED storyline, albeit with bits of Zeta Gundam and Star Wars thrown in (not to mention literally reselling old Gundam designs). But originality wouldn’t be so much of a problem if they had bothered to come up with a fresh presentation – instead every episode we are treated to reused stock footage, not just from earlier episodes, but from the original SEED itself. Recap episodes I can just about deal with, but all this stock footage, plus the bad timing of the recaps, just smacks of disrespect for the fans and bad planning.

The producers have literally made it up as they went along and what disappoints most is that they preyed on the fans love of the original. I’m embarassed at my excitement and anticipation I felt as every week I dared to hope that Destiny would sort itself out. But every week I was disappointed and as the series counted down it became increasingly apparant that that would never happen – too many characters, too much of a plot mess, too much damage done early on. Writers, have a spine: do you want the old crew or the new crew – decide dammit! Of course the fans want to see old vs new in a face-off to the death, of course we want to see Kira kick ass – but there needs to be a challenge! And where was all the cool fight choreography as in the original SEED (for instance, Freedom and Justice tag-team in the original battle of ORB)? Certainly the original series wasn’t perfect, but a decent story arc remained largely in-tact and there were any number of new, original action set-pieces. After that, stock footage just won’t cut it and without decent action the gaping plot holes are hideously exposed. And Shinn didn’t learn a thing! 50 episodes and no maturity whatsoever!

Somehow, the series even contrived to an ending more murky than that of the original SEED, with even more loose ends to tie up. Even a mooted epilogue in the upcoming DVD can’t possibly finish this off. What chilled my spine most was the apparant hints of a second SEED sequel. My hopeful side says it can’t possibly be as bad as this and there really needs to be something to redeem it. But my practical side says why take the risk? To quote Dullandil: “How can we say ‘We will never do this again’ or ‘we won’t turn it into a world like that’?”. Indeed Fukuda, indeed.

I sincerely hope that anyone new to the Gundam universe does not watch this series first because it so badly represents the franchise. Two words: wasted opportunity.


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