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Tokyo Godfathers October 1, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Anime.

Satoshi Kon’s most recent feature-length movie shows glimpses of the humour that was to come in his Paranoia Agent TV series and continues the director’s turn toward relative normalisation. It still carries the Kon theme of blending reality and fantasy, but is much less disturbing than Perfect Blue and relatively down-to-earth compared to the fantastical Millenium Actress. The story follows three tramps, Miyuki, Gin and Hana on Christmas Eve as they find a baby in the Tokyo rubbish and embark on a quest to return her to her parents. The baby seems a blessed soul coming through numerous fracas and forcing each of her carers to come to terms with the events that lead to their homelessness. It’s here that the real and dream worlds collide, as the stress and biting cold of winter lead to hallucinations for our protagonists. I’ve been avidly watching Kon’s development over the years and you can really see him getting to grips with his talent, marrying his vivid imagination and intuitive storytelling skills with contemporary issues and rounded characters. Needless to say, the whole thing is beautifully animated. Kon has developed a unique Kon-specific feel , much like a Hitchcock or a Shyamalan film. He messes with your head and makes you think, but never forgets to entertain either,



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