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Kimagure Orange Road Ep25-48 (complete) October 1, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Anime.

KOR draws to a close, leaving a big smile upon my face. Admittedly, the whole series is lacking a more overarching story besides the will-they-won’t-they love triangle of Ayukawa-Kasuga-Hikaru. Surprisingly, for a 48 episode series, each episode is pretty much stand-alone, with everything returning to equilibrium by the episode end. I guess this leaves them to concentrate on character development, but I honestly don’t see much development in anyone apart from Ayukawa, who gradually softens to Kasuga’s charms. But largely, Hikaru stays oblivious (and when she does catch-on, soon forgets), Kasuga remains a bit of a teenage idiot (but bless him, who wouldn’t be with two gorgeous girls?) and Ayukawa is still the tough-chick with a heart of gold. Most episodes consist of some new dilemma for Kasuga, in which Ayukawa will get mad at him and Hikaru has to be kept in the dark. And half the time I found myself screaming “for the love of God, come to your senses Hikaru, and Kasuga just get on with it!”. I guess this just shows how much I came to care about the characters. Remarkably, all the malarkey with ESPer powers generates enough new material to keep things interesting and the addition of a few more Kasuga family members keeps things fresh. Certainly body-swapping and time-travel are great devices for high-school romance. Great music, funny slapstick, great romance. Every episode is nothing new, but the whole series is so sweet and nostalgic you just can’t help but let your heart melt.



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