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Junko Mizuno October 1, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Anime, Personal.

Terence surprised me recently, by offering me an interview with cult Japanese artist Junko Mizuno for his London magazine Pimp Guides. I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of her work (I only have one of her graphic novels for a start) but I have admired her work for several years. I remember seeing her designs on the BBC’s Japanorama series and grew quite fond of them as I saw her characters everywhere from Sydney to San Francisco. Described as ‘cute-grotesque’, ‘kawaii-noir’ or ‘cute-goth’, she has a pretty striking style, as I’m sure you’ll agree from the picture. She cites Russ Meyer, the Spice Girls and Sailor Moon as inspirations as much as legendary manga artists like Osamu Tezuka. And yeah, she’s not bad looking either. Unfortunately, the interview was just an email interview, but she is coming over to London for a visit in October. Mizuno-san will be giving a talk at the International Manga and Anime Festival (IMAF) over the 21st October weekend and will then be on the panel for the ICA’s Comica: Misfit Lit discussion on 26th October. She will then be holding a book-signing session at my favourite London comic book store, Gosh!, on 27th October. Needless to say I hope to be at least one of these. She seemed like a really nice, down-to-earth person in the interview so I’d like to meet her in person. The interview went well and I got a good feature article out of it. The magazine will be published in the first week of November and I’ll post up details at the time.



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