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House of Fury (2005) October 1, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Film.

Now this is my kind of Hong Kong movie: all action, no brains and doesn’t it just know it. The excellent Anthony Wong plays Teddy Yu and ex-special forces agent for the Hong Kong government, but in his retirement neither of his teenage kids believes him. When Teddy gets kidnapped by a revenge-fuelled madman, it’s up to his kids to get him back.

The genius of Stephen Chow has brought the tradition of Hong Kong martial arts slapstick to the world’s attention and the best of them are the one’s that show you its tongue and then place it very firmly in its cheek. “Suspend your disbelief” we’re told and we promptly obey. House of Fury is very much like Spy Kids but with martial arts. This allows for the very obvious justaxposition of contemporary settings and Shaolin skills, which nevertheless is highly entertaining. Gillian Chung isn’t know for her tremendous acting skills, but in this kind of film she’s great – all eye-candy, flashy moves and impish humour. Of course, nothing makes sense and many of the plot points – and indeed the villains- are imaginatively stupid. The scene with the bo-wielding kid has to be seen for full comic and action effect. Actor-director Stephen Fung is very much in the Stephen Chow mould and with Chow opening the way, I can see Fung achieving similar heights of popularity.



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