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Birthday(s)! October 1, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Personal.

I turned 26 last week and this was the first time, in a long time, that I’ve not been at work or Uni during it. I took full advantage and had a four-day weekend of celebrations. As I always say: your birthday is the one day you’re allowed to be narcissistic!

On Friday I celebrated with the EIC lot. We went to a really gorgeous Korean restaurant straight after Nihongo Salon. Thanks to Hae-Jeong-san for organising it! I was really pleased that most of my really good friends from EIC made it: Jake, Hae-Jeong, Zulfi, Fabrizio, Jose and Toshimi, Junko, Yuki and Naomi. It was a double celebration too because Andrea-san returned from Italy after a couple of months – you have been sorely missed Andrea! The venue was Arang, apparantly the newest Korean restaurant in London and certainly looking like it. It was very swish and white with trendy fittings and gorgeous waitresses. The staff were quite accomodating and we had an outstanding feast of just about every traditional Korean dish. The BBQ and kimchee was particularly good and the price (£15 per head) wasn’t so bad for London. I would certainly recommend it. Everyone had a good time I think and I received assorted gifts such as chocolate from Naomi and packets of rice (!) and miso soup powder (!!) from Junko.

Saturday night I spent with my closest friends. Nimer, Vik, Jenni, Claire and Laura came out for a drink at All Bar One before moving on to (yes, another) Korean restaurant, this time my more usual choice of Han Kang. We even got that small private room round the corner. I think this was the first time Claire and Laura had met some of my other friends, but it was a pleasant occasion with more good food. I was really pleased with the thoughtful gifts too: a City of God CD from Laura, book vouchers from Claire (I knew I’d get them sometime!), the BFI Wong Kar-Wai book from Nimer and a Sarah Mclachlan DVD from Vik. All things I’ll really enjoy and they even picked up the tab for the meal. Thanks everyone! I did make the mistake of mixing wine and beer that night though and had a rather bad hangover the next morning.

Sunday was family day. My parents surprised me by presenting me with a PSP, despite me badmouthing it over the last few months (my Dad, it seems, just loves gadgets). I was also given some money for my course and a book apparantly telling me “What to do with your life”. My sister and brother thoughfully got me a new Gundam model: SD Strike with Striker Weapons system, which I’d had my eye on for a while. We then went out for a nice meal at a new Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, the first time in ages that we’ve actually all been round a table for a meal.

Finally, Monday, my actual birthday. I’d decided to go into London, since sitting at home ‘relaxing’ would no doubt have me thinking that I should be out doing something. I went for lunch with some of the IC AnimeSoc lot, at my favourite restaurant, Abeno Okonomiyaki. Well, actually we went to the new Abeno Too, which was much smaller, but did have two very cute waitresses (^_^). We had a walk around Piccadilly and I did some shopping afterwards for, of all things, birthday cards and presents for other people. Then I gave in and indulged myself on a few DVDs and books; HMV was having one of their dangerous sales and I picked up Season 5 of Dawson’s Creek (finally on sale for £20), An evening with Kevin Smith (bargain £6) and The Twin Effect (just because Gillian Chung is in it). I also got a new Murakami book, which I’m looking forward to reading. Nothing relaxes me quite like Murakami.

I enjoyed the celebrations, though in hindsight I think I should have enjoyed them more. You know how it is, you spend ages planning things and they’re over so quickly. Perhaps it was overkill doing four events, but I was keen to do something with the EIC and AnimeSoc lots, since I’m not sure if things will be the same in years to come. One ought to spend their birthday with friends and family and besides, it’s my birthday.


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