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つづく October 1, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Japan, Personal.

On 10th September I had my last Japanese lesson at EIC. We finished off nicely with a field trip to the Japanese department store Mitsukoshi on Piccadilly, then returned to EIC for a review lesson with Shiota-sensei.

It feels quite weird finishing at EIC. I started lessons there almost two years ago as one of my ‘wake up and do something!’ activities, mostly because it was round the corner from work. I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ll admit, I hated learning languages at school but motivation makes a big difference. A bit of world travel and an interest in Japanese culture probably doesn’t hurt either – all that anime and JPop finally comes in handy….

As I’ve said before, EIC isn’t perfect: it’s not geared towards official exams and the constant change of teachers is a bit disruptive. Plus there’s that stupid rule about teachers and students not socialising. But having all lessons conducted only in Japanese really helps to push you and the atmosphere is quite relaxed and informal. I’m constantly reminded as to how much I still have to learn, but when I think back to zero knowledge two years ago, the progress is quite remarkable. But more than that, I’ve made a lot of good friends and I have a lot of good memories to look back fondly on.

Not that this is the end as far as Nihongo goes. I’ve signed up for Level 3 of the official Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) so, ready or not, I’ll be doing it in December. I’ve also tentatively registered for the Japanese classes at Imperial which are very cheap and a bit more structured than at EIC. The only worries are how my EIC education matches up and how the workload fits in with my degree. And, as sad as it is that I am no longer an EIC seito, my friendships remain and I will continue to go to their Friday conversation ‘Salon’ whenever I can – and no doubt to the pub afterwards too.



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