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Top wo Nerae! 2 – Ep 3 September 1, 2005

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Episode 3 follows Ruri Hoshino clone Chiko, a bitter Topless pilot who manages to trash her mecha in the opening few minutes! A new Buster machine has been created with both Nono and Chiko insisting that they are designated pilot. Since only 31 Buster machines exist in the universe, and only half make it through the awakening process, there’s a lot more riding on the new Quatre-vingt-dix than just Nono and Chiko’s pride. But Chiko hides a deep guilt over a sick boy she was unable to save and despises the idea that the Topless can ‘do anything’. The Jupiter space station is attacked by a space monster swarm and Nono convinces Chiko that a Buster won’t be piloted by anyone who doesn’t believe in themselves. Chiko realises that all she wants is to protect the colony and with the newly awakened Quatre-vingt-dix and, a few spectacular Prince of Tennis moves, manages to destroy the monsters.

I’ll say it every time I watch it, Top wo Nerae!2 is one classy bit of anime and GAINAX continue to blow my mind. The parodic elements continue come thick and fast, as does the fan-service (with a rather lolicom bath scene with Chiko). The highlight in this episode is the truly spectacular action sequences which manages to mix retro-giant robo action (Buster punch!) with state-of-the-art animation and some truly mind-bending moves. I never saw the tennis moves coming but my jaw dropped at the way they pulled it off with both cool and comedy. Besides that, this was a rather beautiful episode and very well-written. Though the plot is nothing new, all the elements build extremely well. I hate having to wait three months for the next installment, but it’s totally worth it!



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