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School Rumble 19-26 (complete) August 31, 2005

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Finally School Rumble comes to an end! Being a madcap comedy, it’s not really the kind of thing one can summarise, but needless to say the show maintains it’s wacky, curveball elements and sublime talent for romantic comedy. Episodes 20-24, dealing with the school sports festival, were without a doubt the highlight of the series. Japanese school games being completely alien to me, the show reached all new levels of ridiculousness. You’ll never been so enthralled by an epic battle of human chariots. School Rumble‘s biggest asset is its complete unpredictability. You really have no idea where on earth this is all going and you really have no idea which couples you should be rooting for. This leaves the ending something of a cop our (or perhaps the only feasible way of wrapping things up without wrapping things up). But for that originality , and the ability to make you laugh until your sides split, this is probably the best comedy anime I’ve ever seen. And now there’s no more! Waaagh!



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