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Shuffle! Ep 7 August 29, 2005

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Episode 7 focuses on Asa-sempai, who will be playing the role of ‘secret-crush-in-denial’ in Rin’s harem.

The dreamy captain of the school soccer team confesses to Asa, but delays her answer because she neither likes nor dislikes him and doesn’t know what to do. However, the confession is the talk of the school and it soon becomes apparant that Asa is much more popular with the boys than she realised. She’s never had a boyfriend partly due to her occasionally boistrous nature and partly because she’s secretly in-love with (who else?) Rin. Kareha realises this and persuades Asa to come to terms with her feelings. The old ‘sports accident’ plot device allows Rin to walk Asa home and use the ‘walking in on the girl in the bathroom’ routine. Asa admits that Rin is exactly the sort of guy she wants, but jokes her way out of a serious conversation. Following anime tradition, she then trips and lands on top of Rin on the bed, but her mother’s return interupts them. Aya turns down the dashing soccer captain but refuses to enter the chase for Rin’s affections, declaring that she’s quite happy with the way things are.

Seven episodes in and only Kareha-sempai is left without a character-building episode. This goes some way to explaining why an upperclassman is so friendly with Rin, but it turns out that they only met because of Kaede’s devotion! Asa seems to be the girl all guys dream about, easy-going, boistrous but cute and one hell of a cook! Yet she is strangely demoted to the ‘secret-love’ role of the series. This episode was as sweet as ever but I have to admit, I’m getting rather ticked off with the number of girls devoted to Rin. Yes, I know that’s the premise of the series but it’s stretching ridiculous now. The only difference with Asa is that she’s the ‘older woman’ (if only by a year). If Kareha falls for him too I think I’m gonna scream! This episode also showed a marked rise in fan-service with a slightly unnecessary changing room scene and a sudden use of panty-flashes. I like fan-service as much as the next man, but it’s a little incongrous on what has so far been a series full of ‘good clean fun’.



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