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Previews of Howl’s Moving Castle August 22, 2005

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Miyazaki’s latest hits the big screen on October 23rd, but there are two preview screenings in the weeks before it. First, the Firecracker Asian Film Festival has included it – catch it at the Curzon Soho (my favourite London cinema) on Saturday 10th September at 6:30pm. Secondly, the NFT will be showing it on Saturday 17th September at 3:15pm. Actually, before that the Japan Embassy are also showing it as part of a selected season of free Japanese movies, but unfortunately I wasn’t lucky in the draw for that (got tickets for Yoji Yamada’s The Hidden Blade though!).

Anime News Network are reporting that the London premiere of the latest Ghibli film Howl’s Moving Castle will be at 7:30pm on Friday September 2nd at The British Academy. It will be part of BAFTA’s London Japanese film festival. There will also be a reception hosted by the
Japanese Embassy. ANN reports that tickets for the whole event will cost £10 and can be reserved by e-mailing info@bafta.org
They are also screening the classic Barefoot Gen
Further details of all films at the festival on http://www.bafta.org/site/page 23.html#2



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