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Mr and Mrs Smith (2005) August 21, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Film.

There are certain types of films that are perfect for certain occasions. The loud living room of a family dinner party for example. This has led to a tradition of eating dinner in front of a big, bad and loud Hollywood movie with the subtitles on. Hence, Mr and Mrs Smith is perfect for such an occasion. It requires absolutely no thinking or concentration whatsoever, but really it’s not a terrible film and one of those bits of entertainment that ‘just passes the time’, like Big Brother or the Daily Star. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have absolutely no chemistry whatsoever as a married couple, which is just as well since you’re only watching it for the action. The sooner they start killing each other the better, and that’s when the fun begins. Doug Liman is a damn good director, as evidenced previously by The Bourne Identity, Go and Swingers. Pitt and Jolie seem to be having fun – on and off screen (chortle). Vince Vaughn does a comedy cameo. Overall, you end up thinking this had potential to be more – more tension with better chemistry, better character foundation and less mindless Hollywood coincidences. But, egh, this kind of stuff shouldn’t be thought about too much anyway.


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