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Lost August 15, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Uncategorized.

So, after much much much media hype, the fabled US TV show Lost finally premiered on Channel 4 last week, thereby filling my very desolate schedule of TV watching. Nimer has been going on about this for months, so it was nice to finally see it for myself.

It was certainly impressive: big budget, beautiful people, good dialogue, an intriguing plot and sci-fi overtones. Plus it’s a JJ Abrams show so, avid Alias fan that I am, I was pretty much inclined to like it anyway. Plenty of Alias-style conspiracy here along with trade-mark dialogue. And my isn’t Dominic Monaghan really short! So it wasn’t just the Hobbit role….

As with most people, I found the ‘huge invisible monster’ most intriguing – it was such a curveball one can’t help but wonder most about what the hell that thing is. I just hope they don’t show it anytime soon, as it’s likely to be full of poor special effects (despite the budget, this ain’t no Spielberg movie) and would ruin the tension. I did make the mistake of watching Lost Revealed last night though, one of those annoying docu-promotions with plenty of talking heads and irritating TV pundits from such respected publications as Heat. The spoilers shown certainly tickled my insatious appetite for more Lost, but I hope I haven’t ruined the shock factor for myself.

Anyway, apparantly a DVD boxset has just been purchased for me, so for the next few weeks I’ll be fighting the temptation to do a daylight-less marathon session and instead persevere with weekly TV.


1. k-li - August 18, 2005

i loved lost too ^_^

it’s so cool… i thought it might turn out to be a let down since there was so much hype about it, but i was wrong ^_^

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