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Gakouii July 27, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Uncategorized.

Which means ‘cool’ in Japanese. Just blogging a few interesting tidbits that I’ve been wasting my time with.

‘I am a Japanese School Teacher’ is an amusing series of editorials written by a JET teacher in Japan. Seeing as serveral of my friends were/are JET teachers and I love reading about the culture shock of Japan, I like it a lot. It helpes that Azrael is actually a pretty good writer.

I’ve also been visiting the Mainichi News site for their great photo specials (esp those of the Cosplayers – so funny!). Anyway, they recently announced the winners of their Unseen Japan photo competition, and many of them are stunning. The winner, of the Osaka neon reflected in a cab window, is very Lost in Translation.

If you ever have a spare concert ticket, and ebay doesn’t grab you, then try Scarlet Mist – an ‘ethical’ (and I do work in ethics so I should know) ticket exchange site. It’s gotta be better than giving it to a tout.

And finally, the very nerdy (even down to the references), but well-thought out essay ‘Why I will never have a girlfriend’. It all makes sense now……



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