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New-type July 21, 2005

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The August issue of Newtype USA is out… and it’s suddenly changed yet again. I opened the packet to find a noticably thinner mag (for the same price). ‘What’s missing?’, I wondered. Well, for starters they’ve moved the news section ‘Newtype Express’ to the front, which makes complete sense, and there’s a new manga in the form of Evangelion: Angelic Hearts. But to my horror, 70% of what I love about Newtype USA is gone!

Double-page features on shows currently airing in Japan – GONE! Anime-land, Japanese TV listings and episode guide – GONE! CG art tips – GONE! Gundam Fix Figuration – GONE! Basically anything covering what is currently on air in the birthplace of Newtype itself – GONE! Why? It’s a cynical answer, but this is clearly to combat the avid fansub network. Part of Newtype’s charm was that it bridged the gap between East and West markets – providing a useful guide for bittorrent leechers like myself ^_- Now that source of info is gone…..

To be fair they have added more features on the Japanese voice-actors. And thankfully the couple of pages of Newtype Express dedicated to shows ‘in production’ in Japan are still there, as are the two pages of Japan DVDs, the toy section and the J-pop section. But all of it is getting skewed more and more to what is or will be available to Americans and not what the Japanese are watching right now. This leaves Newtype USA looking more and more like ADV advertising filler…..

I’m not complaining about the thinner mag, but it’s a bit cheeky to charge the same now that a large chunk of the coverage is gone. I hate it when things you are used to change without warning, but I guess without Animerica to compete with there’s really nothing to stop them now. I just hope this doesn’t lead to another ‘death of the English-language anime mag’.



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