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Ah! Megami-Sama – Ep 14-24 (Season 1 complete) July 21, 2005

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Ah! Megami-sama season one (cause you know there’ll be a continuation…..) comes to a close…and my impression is just as it was at the start. Things hotted up over the past four episodes, as the writers suddenly realised they needed a climax. Hence the arrival of the ‘four-part story’, hastily started and hastily finished. Considering how slow this series has been, it seems odd to suddenly shift into a darker, faster tone as Urd’s demonic background causes problems and the possible end of the world (oh, you knew it was coming. It’s a show about Goddesses!). This was fine in the manga, which had literally dozens of volumes to go from cheery harem rom-com to more serious drama. But in a series where very little has happenned…. why not build up such a story gradually from the start??

Overall, the series has been…nice (there’s that word again. Ugh!). But I’m always wondering if there’s something better I should be doing with my time. The animation is faithfully done but completely unremarkable. If it weren’t for Kousouke Fujishima’s character designs, I wonder if there would be anything worth looking at. Belldandy and Keiichi are terribly, terribly bland characters and only the introduction of Skuld and Urd injected any real life into the series. The romance is all fine and well, but would maybe work better as a side-story rather than the main focus. The final few episodes hinted at more to do with the working’s of heaven and perhaps this will provide more interest for the next series. Ah! Megami-sama is a pleasent and popular franchise, so I have high hopes they’ll eventually do it justice.



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