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Movies for movie lovers July 18, 2005

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I am now an NFT member! With the advent of the Christopher Doyle season, I finally had the push to join, although boo hoo! the conversation with the man himself sold out within minutes!

Anyway, if you’ve never been to the NFT it’s a gorgeous cinema – a real art-house venue for real cinema fans. You can always pick them out because they are so much more interesting than multiplexes and they tend to have really cool cafe’s attached to them. The Cornerhouse in Manchester and either of the Curzon’s in London I can particularly recommend. The NFT sits serenely under a bridge next to the National Theatre on South Bank, with a second-hand booksale opposite to add even more to the ‘intellectual’ atmosphere. But the same ‘art-house’ qualities remain: A cool bar and cafe serving stuff that isn’t overpriced and actually tastes good, dozens of film students in intense debate over whether ‘Roza should feel more’, pretentious Jazz music….. haha, it’s not like that really. Although they do play Jazz…

There are plenty of things that I love about such a place. I really love the decorations of old film posters and photographs for a start, it really helps you get in the mood and it’s wonderful to be surrounded by a cosmopolitan crowd of people who really do love film. They’re there for the music and not to chat or make out in the back! As such, there’s a no food policy in the auditorium. The provision of informative film notes is also the mark of a good arts-cinema, as are the extremely helpful staff. Imagine trying to swap a full-price ticket for a student one at a multiplex! Some problems do remain though: there’s never enough leg room and there’s always that really tall person who sits right in front of you….

Anyway, the best thing about the NFT is that they show good, old movies. I was there (twice) to see Chungking Express, which was again gorgeous, although it was an old ICA print so the picture quality was bad and the subtitles terrible on occasion. Then again, I already know this film by heart…. I didn’t go there to see it in ‘perfect form’, I went there to sit in a cinema with 50 other people who love it as much as me.


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