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Pottermania 6 July 16, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Uncategorized.

Pottermania officially reconvened on Friday, as hordes of teenagers (and adults) with nothing better to do queued for hours outside the Waterstones, Oxford St for the special midnight launch of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. For passers-by like myself the sight was absolutely baffling. I love HP too, but it wasn’t likely to sell-out! Besides, after several hours in the baking sun, would you be awake enough to read the whole thing? I guess adrenaline plays its part, but still….. I watched a very bland item on the news that evening, as some very obsessive fans explained that “it makes it more of an event, like you’re part of something special”. Hmmm. It’s a book for goodness sake! Not Live8!

Anyway, I don’t agree with this whole midnight launch thing (though I guess it’s interesting to go after a Friday night down the pub….) , but I am a fool for pre-order. Hence my beaming smile as I opened the door for a tired looking postman, carrying a rather large postbag. “Enjoy the book”, he said clearly having delivered the same bloody thing all morning. I’m somewhat lamenting my lack of patience – preorder on Amazon cost £8.99, but with £2.75 postage. Last week Tesco announced they’d be selling it for £7.49….. Still, there’s a real lack of magic in buying a book from the supermarket.



1. k-li - July 18, 2005

i bought harry from amazon too ^_^

i think i will go to a queue party for the next book if i can, just cos its the last one and will be an experience.

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