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Kare Kano #16 July 16, 2005

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This volume of Kare Kano continues the dark Arima arc, but finally the gang steps back into the story! After the violent trauma of the last volume, Arima finally opens up to Yukino about his terrible childhood, his fears and the reason why he’s never been honest with her. It’s frighteningly brutal, I can’t believe any mother could be as bad as Arima’s, but I guess some people really are that selfish. Anyway, Yukino’s determination is incredibly sweet. She frets, she worries, she’s fragile, she’s confused – and you feel it all the way. But Yukino Miyazawa is a dogged soul and you know she won’t give up on Arima! When she realises she is finally seeing the real Arima, and is happy about it, you start to see a real-life relationship different to the usual happy anime romance. Once again Masami Tsuda’s insight does her proud.

After that it’s like the floodgates open and Arima just can’t stop revelling in the warmth and kindness of friends and family. He tells his adopted parents and the gang, who confess that they’d been waiting for him to do so for years! It’s so heartwarming (and slightly improbable) that if it were anyone other than Masami Tsuda, you’d probably want to sick! The gang then dreams up increasingly ridiculous plots to help Arima avoid his mother. I particularly liked the ‘Arima clone’ plan! With all this support, Arima can’t help but take a stand and it looks like everything’s working out for the better. However, it looks like next volume Arima’s long-last father now turns up. Will he never get any peace?

Poor old Asaba deserves a mention too. He may be a pretty-boy, but who’d have thought he would be the only one left alone? Surely there’s romance in store for him in the last few volumes? In any case, Yukino is on the case! She’ll find someone, but who?



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