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Sin City (2005) July 13, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Film.

Wow. When you talk about movies as an art, it’s very easy to call Sin City the pop of that world. The film is visually stunning, matching Frank Miller’s source graphic novels frame for frame and taking you beyond that.

Shot strikingly in black and white, save for the odd symbolic dash of colour, you can’t take your eyes off this for a second. Robert Rodriguez’s penchant for cartoon violence and his flying camera match perfectly the dark, cartoon noir of Miller. For a film encompassing three stories, not to mention pro and epilogues, the story is very well-paced, spacing out events so none of these ‘short stories’ feels so. This is matched by some bravado acting from the likes of Mickey Rourke and Clive Owen. And I’ll never look at Elijah Wood the same way ever again, despite the fact that he has no lines! That’s probably a blessing, since Miller’s 50s dialogue suffers slightly in the transition from page to screen. The narratives survive as an acceptable inner monologue, but the hugely quotable lines seem clunky at times. Still, this is a comic-book world after all….

Rodriguez’s Sin City engulfs you like a layer of thick paint, the sheer atmosphere of 50s noir recalling the detective excitement of a Chandler novel or a Bogart flick. Fine art indeed.



1. Sam Fisher - July 19, 2005

I enjoyed this film too, I even enjoyed the clunky lines that you deride. They obviously acted to emphasise the out dated linguistics of the script, in a cool “I’ve got to save the dame” sorta way.

ps my girlfriend hated it and would probably have left the cinema if it wasn’t I who had driven us there.

2. Aya_s - July 23, 2005

lol, that’s unfortunate. The girl I was with got up to leave too – but she just went to the bathroom. It was rather gory…. I did love the film though and yes, though clunky, the lines of dialogue were very 20s cool.

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