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Chaos in London July 7, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Uncategorized.

Nobody’s sure what exactly is going on at the moment. At 8:49am this morning there was a ‘power surge’ at Liverpool street (on the Met line train just before mine actually…..). There are now news reports of five stations experiencing ‘power surges’ and explosions. Reports are coming in of two double decker buses that have been blown apart by bombs……

The entire tube network has been shut down, buses are being halted. Sirens and helicopters everywhere. Our meeting today has been cancelled as everyone is stuck on trains. People are being told to stay in the buildings, but this a precautionary measure.

I’m lucky. My train halted at Baker St and I walked the rest of the way to Tottenham Court Road. My area is just in between all the chaos surrounding in Russel Sq, Edgware Rd, Kings Cross and the City. Still, it has given Londoners a bit of a shock. I expect the police were prepared for something after London’s Olympic win yesterday. On the other hand, this is nowhere near as bad as what happened in Madrid so we must be thankful.



1. Sam Fisher - July 7, 2005

good to hear you’re alive and well ol’ buddy.

2. Aya_s - July 8, 2005

Yeah. Thankfully everyone else I know seems to be okay too. Like I say, miraculous that the number of fatalities was quite low given the population of London.

3. Sam Fisher - July 8, 2005

I never thought to worry about my parents yesterday, given that they live so far from london. Then by the end of the day when i still couldnt get them on the phone i started to second guess myself. I couldnt work out why both of them would be out of the house at 11pm on a school night. Eventually i get hold of them at just gone 11. Turns out that yesterday was the day they chose to go to london on a day trip together! They spent the morning obliviously walking round the hampton court flower show. Apparently my father at one point commented on the unusual, and in his opinion annoying, amount of mobile phone use. They really had no idea until my sister texted them to ask if they were ok.


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