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Live8, Hyde Park, London July 3, 2005

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So Live8 is over as far as London is concerned. I’ve been sat in front of the TV (an my laptop) for 12 hours and I’m still up watching the footage from the Philadelphia gig (waiting for Sarah Mclachlan’s appearance). Strange how muted the US audience is, compared to the enthusiastic mayhem of the London crowd. Live8 Hyde Park was, in a word, amazing. As a person obsessed with organisation, the level of organisation today was incredible. 10 concerts, 9 countries , over a hundred acts, goodness know how many people, electricity, security, satellites, broadcasters….. to pull it off was an impressive feat.

Highlights of the gig for me were:
– U2 and Paul McCartney opening with Sgt Pepper
– U2’s Vertigo
– Coldplay’s In my place
– REM, Imitation of life
– Sting – the man’s still got it
– The Killers single (!) song
– Joss Stone – it’s official, her voice really is that good
– Mariah Carey (the blogosphere tells me everyone hated her diva-like behaviour, but I thought she was great ^_^)
– Robbie frickin’ Williams – I hate the guy, but he sure is one hell of a performer
– Pink Floyd – together again in the name of a good cause
– Oh and that girl in the crowd in the Union Jack bikini!

The organisers, the performers, the great crowd, the BBC, even the (for once) perfect weather, it all makes one extremely proud to be British, to be a Londoner. I don’t often admit it, but I love my city and occasionally (whisper it) even express pride for my country. That such a tiny island can do something so big, become the centre of the world with so many talented people is a source of immense pride. I guess I’ve been swept up in the ‘mass event’. How embarrasing.



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