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See ya Maria June 30, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Uncategorized.

Well, that’s that then, my interest in Wimbledon has ended for the year XD

Kidding. Unfotunately, Maria Sharapova losing is no joke. She’s just lost 7-6 6-1 to Venus Williams in the Ladies singles semi-final. It was a monster game (and not just ’cause of the grunting!). Venus’ play was unbelievable. Even I have to admit she deserved it, and as you know I’m a far far cry from a Williams sister fan. How she reached some of those shots I don’t know and unfortunately Maria seemed to have saved all her unforced errors for this one game. On another day Maria would have scraped through, but she needed her best game to overcome Venus today. I’m sure the rain delays and court switches didn’t help (play didn’t start until 6pm! They were switched from Court 1 to Centre). But for all those excuses, she just wasn’t good enough today. I suspected she wouldn’t successfully defend her title but watching the rest of the players, she had as good a chance as any.

Well, there’s always next year, but for now my Maria-sunshine has set.



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