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24 June 27, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Uncategorized.

***Spoiler alert***

Ah, summer is here and my limited amount of TV watching gets even smaller. Every series is wrapping up with their season finales and so another day in the life of Jack Bauer draws to another ludicrous close. Finally running on ‘normal day time’, 7am-7am, Season 4 of 24 started with hatred of the Arabs and ended with a muted explosion. We’ve enjoyed the distraction of Audrey’s indecisive lovelife, another crazy daughter of a CTU head, Chloe’s hilarious ‘personality disorder’, fat Edgar and the contrived return of almost every cast member -reversing the applaudable decision to scrap all of them at the start. I’m surprised Teri Bauer didn’t come back from the dead. Speaking of which, is there no way back for sleepless Jack now that Jack Bauer is ‘dead’? No doubt the agent-formerly-known-as-Jack-Bauer will return from his duvet, still pissed-off and willing to go to all lengths to protect his country. That’s the scary nature of American patriotism. It’s been crazy, requiring even further suspension of disbelief and leaving enough loose plot strands to sew a 24 T-shirt. But it certainly has been exciting.



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