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O2 Wireless Festival June 26, 2005

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Nobody turns down free tickets. Especially not me. So when Mitul said ‘I have tickets worth £35 for Saturday’s event’, I leapt at the chance, even though I had no idea there was even a festival going on (I figured all that prep at Hyde Park was just Live8 people getting ahead of themselves).

My main motivation for going was to see Mylo – who I’d discovered on a grand scale at Skol Beats in Brasil. It’s also nice to experience a big event at Hyde Park again. Not to brag…. okay, I will…. but I was at the first Party in the Park, before it became crap, and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers last year were awesome. So Hyde Park, good venue.

Not so nice when cloudy, but at least it didn’t rain. Honestly, I knew hardly any of the groups playing and the gig was just one big marketing frenzy, right down to the ‘O2 exclusive’ area and free phone charging. Frankly it was, at times, embarrassing, especially surrounded by 15 year old pikeys and what seemed like half the population of Australia. But when surrounded by leeches one may as well leech back. We got some tacky photos of us dressed as rock stars on the cover of NME, had more than our share of free smoothies and Ribena (!) and, oh yeah, enjoyed the music.

Mylo is always good, but he was let down somewhat by an appalling sound system. Plus, I had an idiot in a sock cap screaming ‘ooh ooh’ (anyone who’s been to an English gig will know what I mean) in my ear. We had to leave during ‘Drop the pressure’ too, because we wanted to get a good place for Basement Jaxx, who were decent but thought a little too much of themselves. ‘Good Luck’ was good though. I bet they were all better at Glastonbury, though at least we didn’t get wet….


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