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Summertime June 19, 2005

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The British summer is here! Yay! ^_^ Despite the week starting with freezing cold winds and heavy rain, it’s now clear skies and, tomorrow, a remarkably sweltering 31 degrees C!! As the grey skies clear, the people of London become increasingly happier – pubs spill out onto the streets, women shed items of clothing, every tiny patch of grass becomes crowded with sunbathers…. Yep, the English are indeed a crazy bunch. Nevertheless, a little more heat and a little less tension is very welcome and an above average number of smiles on the streets certainly brightens up one’s days.

We’re lucky enough to have use of the private Bedford Square garden at work too, so every lunchtime we get our own quiet bit of parkland to hide away from the bustle of city working life, heh heh heh (of course, anyone who wants to meet me for lunch is more than welcome to join in…). Next week, the weather is forecast to hold out – which might make working slightly more difficult but should bode well for the start of Wimbledon! Yes, the All England Championships (aka Henmania VII) are due to begin again next week and I have booked Friday for my annual Wimbledon excursion. Unfortunately most of you are busy bastards and have cancelled on me, but if anyone wants to come along please do! Last year was spectacular with a full days worth of glorious sunshine, picnics on Henman Hill and six full games of quality tennis. If I’m really lucky I might even spot Maria Sharapova this year, which would totally make my year….. ah, Maria. Now there’s a ray of sunshine ^_-


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