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Nightmare June 19, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Uncategorized.

I had a vividly disturbing dream last night. It’s probably a symptom of the heat, going to bed at 3:30am and marathoning Last Life in the Universe with too many episodes of Full Metal Alchemist but anyway…..

I remember my sister and I went on a daytrip of some sort, arriving back on a coach (which is odd because I hate taking coaches!). For some reason we had to walk through the back of a dimly lit school and past a bunch of concrete football pitches behind wire fencing. Anyway, I started getting into a bit of a staring match with some of the townie kids as we walked past. When we reached the final pitch I realised it was my brother and some of his mates who were playing, my bro pulling off some rather stunning saves in goal. For some strange reason, all of my sister’s friends then arrived and she decided she was going to stay and watch the rest of the game. So I took all our luggage and traipsed on home, only the exit from the school was a small church entrance with a tiny bit of grassland in front. I picked up the luggage and started running to the gate, only to realise there was a man standing there. It turns out he was carrying a shotgun and proceeded to kill a guy who he had on the floor. He then turned the gun on me and I to hide in the bushes pleading for my life. Eventually, I convinced him I wasn’t worth it and he ran off, at which point several squadrons of Police arrived and I had to retell my story, pretending I hadn’t seen his face (which at this point I realised was a mix of my friend Raj and Mitul from IC!).

Erm…I don’t know quite what to make of that. But weird dreams are weird dreams.



1. izumi - June 20, 2005

thats a really scary dream O_o

i have odd dreams too and mine are way more bizarre! at least yours make _some_ sense! ^_^;;;

2. Aya_s - June 20, 2005

Some sense, yes. But wholly lacking in meaning! I’m not one for dream guidebooks though.

3. k-li - June 21, 2005

thats scary :cry:

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