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Gundam SEED Destiny Ep34 June 19, 2005

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I am now eagerly waiting for the fansub of SEED Destiny Ep35 to come out…because 34 was highly emotional. After 33 episodes of build-up the long awaited Shinn vs Kira/Impulse vs Freedom/Minerva vs Archangel battle finally took place! And inevitably (given that Shinn is this series’ protagonist), it was Kira who came off the loser. Grrr….

I think it’s safe to say that this ignited more than a few passions in the majority Kira-loving SEED fan movement. From what I’ve read, someone finally punches Shinn in Ep35, long overdue for this arrogant brat of a character. 34 episodes in and we still don’t have any reason to like this guy. His family died during the war? Okay. But he still has only two aspects of personality: shocked and pissed-off. Oh and maybe, even more pissed off, ’cause most of the time he’s just whining and complaining! Treated as the ‘ace’ of the ZAFT force, Shinn’s been getting away with murder recently, much to everyone’s chagrin. And the whole ‘Stellar’s death’ justification is a little thin, given that there was absolutely no reason for him to get so attached to her in the first place. They met just three times for goodness sake!

Sigh, at least I can breathe easy with the assumption that Shinn must (must) be in for big helping of humble pie pretty soon in the series. The new gundams have been doing the rounds and as most fans have known for a while, Kira had to lose sometime to dispose of Freedom – so that the new Strike Freedom can make it’s debut! Strike Freedom…swoon. Combination buster rifle, DRAGOON wings, chest positron cannon…..WOW! (And thus the Bandai merchandising department rubs it’s hands gleefully) With just 15 episodes left, it can’t be long until Athrun comes to his senses too and the double team of Kira and Athrun, Strike Freedom and Infinite Justice, give Shinn Asuka a taste of his own medicine. Of course, Shinn is getting a new Gundam too, but it’s too late to develop him into a useful protagonist now. Hopefully Kira will finally show him who’s the star of this franchise.



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