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One of those days….. June 15, 2005

Posted by ayasawada in Uncategorized.

That is indeed what I am having. Today was just crap! It started with rain and the misery just kept pouring down (indulge me on melodrama for a moment please). After the big report finished, things were supposed to ‘calm down’ at work. Nothing of the sort! If anything, things have been just as hectic, because I’m still sorting out the fricking distribution for the damn thing! Agh! Having received 154 (yes, that figure is correct) boxes of the things on Monday. we’ve mailed out about 300 reports over the last few days and I’m still sending more! Everyone else here has been highly strung today too because, of course, there’s a million and one other things to do, but work wouldn’t be work without a bit of excess stress. Sigh. Perhaps it’s just the weather, though thankfully it’s sunny now. ^_^ Just a few days ago I was thinking how lovely British summertime is.

On top of that, I haven’t exactly felt great these past few days. My moods tend to swing from optimistic to pessimistic in a flash and I’m on a bit of a downturn at the moment. And I have a fricking Japanese test in half an hour – and I don’t feel like revising for it! Grr… I know things are bad when I don’t feel like studying Japanese, because I love it really.


1. Sam Fisher - June 15, 2005

I won’t tell you how stinking hot it is over here in New Orleans then. If it all gets too much you know I love to have visitors.

2. Aya_s - June 16, 2005

Git Fisher! The British weather is keeping us on our toes. It’s still cloudy and grey at the mo’, then stinking hot for a few moments before a bit of rain. Snow wouldn’t surprise me either. Would love to visit you Sam. Will see if I can russle up some cash, which is rather short at the moment. I’m foolishly going back to Uni you know?

3. k-li - June 17, 2005

its too hot T_T

*curses southern weather*

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