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Full Metal Alchemist 3-8 June 12, 2005

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Wow! FMA is getting sooooo good! I never expected it to take such a dark turn so quickly, and from what I’ve heard it gets much darker. Sure, the whole concept of losing limbs, bringing back the dead, dodgy magic etc. has a natural dark sided quality. But being the story of two young boys and having toe-tapping theme tunes doesn’t necessarily lend itself to hard-hitting drama.

Anyway, after the first two episodes, designed to draw the audience into the series, the real story begins. We flashback to Ed and Al’s childhoold and how it is that they came to lose their limbs nad bodies in their ill-fated attempt to resurrect their mother. From there we follow their quest to become State Alchemists and the introduction of Colonal Mustang, Major Hughes and the like does a lot of flesh out this fantasy world. Soon, train hold-ups and innocent fun are a thing of the past and it’s all about serial killers, dark curses and forbidden chimera experiments. It’s tough, but gripping, viewing and that’s what makes the series so good! And this is only 8/50 episodes! I’m sooo looking forward to the rest. And ‘Kesenai Tsumi’, by NanaKitade, is such a kick-ass tune!



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